Elizabeth Blome

I had also been an active, athletic person. Unfortunately, shortly after my 40th birthday, due to a series of events beyond my control, I found myself weaker than I had ever been. My endurance was gone, as well as my muscle tone. I struggled for several years, trying to regain my prior level of fitness. Injuries plagued me and I saw my weight slowly increasing. I was frustrated, and wondered if the weight gain and lack of mobility was inevitable.

I saw Lealem’s flyer at the gym where my children trained. I took the flyer and let it sit on my desk for several months. I had never used a performance trainer/coach before. Finally, one day, when I was tired of the pain, and tired of feeling years older than I really was, I reached out to him. It was one of the best decisions I have made. I have learned a tremendous amount about fitness, proper form, and proper nutrition. All of that being said, the best part is I have regained confidence in myself and accomplished more than I thought I was capable of.