Adam Holroyd

I have participated in two Medalist Performance programs. Both the Advanced Tactical Athlete Strength and Conditioning (A-TASC) program and the Executive Performance Fitness program (XPC.)

When I first started working with Lealem at Medalist Performance, I was in a mediocre state of fitness and health overall. I was seeking a program that offered a holistic solution for both physical fitness and nutrition. Medalist Performance came highly recommended by some of my peers, so I decided to sign up as a client.

Once I was signed up, the work began. A consultation where my personal goals were discussed and outlined followed by scheduling, app orientation and overall program orientation were all handled in a very professional manner.

Both programs are very thorough and were tailored for my specific needs and goals. The app and online portal make it very easy to track and log workouts remotely making Medalist Performance a great choice for someone who is not in Texas. All exercises are demonstrated professionally so form is correct and you can always go back and reference that material if you need to.

Lealem (the coach I was working with) is a wealth of knowledge. I was struggling with many injuries that traditional medicine had told me would need surgery. ALL of those injuries have since been corrected and I have regained a significant amount of mobility back. Having a scheduled teleconference at known intervals means that you can discuss and work on problem areas in real time with your coach, which was a great addition to the already very encompassing program.

I have worked through other programs in my life, but none have helped me progress further physically than my work with Medalist Performance. If you’re committed to changing your life, give them a call.