Ben Miller

I have worked with Medalist twice now, both times in the ATASC program.

Lealem starts at the beginning with a holistic and total assessment of your current state, what your goals are, and how long you have to get there. From there he develops your fitness plan, diet plan, recovery techniques and instructs you in all of it in order for you to get the best results out of the time. Time is set aside weekly to track progress, ensure proper understanding of the material, and address any issue as they arise.

It is work, and it is tailored to you. I personally know a couple other individuals who have been a part of this program, and their layouts, while similar, were adapted to their needs. While I can’t speak for his other programs ATASC is a serious time and energy investment- but the results speak for themselves. Not only does the program increase your performance- it provides knowledge and understanding of how to properly recover, remediate injury and issues over time- allowing you to continue to benefit from this instruction in the future.

If you’re in a high impact career field that requires you put your body on the line consistently- I cannot recommend this program enough.