Carey Worrell

Lealem with Medalist Performance has helped my gymnast son on several occasions with excellent results every time. On one occasion, my son suffered a pretty dramatic fall at a meet, and Lealem’s immediate intervention and continued follow-up prevented any long term injury, pain, or break in training. In another instance, he resolved my son’s knee pain and taught him techniques to prevent similar strain in the future. He has also been very helpful in teaching breathing and concentration techniques to aid in reducing competition anxiety. He was instrumental in helping my son qualify to Nationals this year and would be an asset to any athlete. These instances were spread over several years of training, and each time Lealem is results and education focused. He teaches athletes how to solve the current problem and how to care for themselves to avoid it in the future. He is also an outstanding person with an amazing story and experience. I would recommend him to anyone with no reservations.