David Chambers

I first started working with Lealem in March of 2018. We worked in-person for a week in March, remotely until May, and then in-person again until I shipped out for the Army in July. I was skeptical of how beneficial Medalist Performance would be. In my mind, I was already in good shape and had a history of athletics, specifically track. However, I learned very quickly that what Lealem specializes in is less personal training, but rather a full system analysis on how to best achieve an individual’s peak performance potential.

Comparing my performance metrics (strength, endurance, flexibility, body composition, shooting accuracy, etc.) from the initial evaluation session to the last session speak for themselves. Out of all of the quality coaching I received, the area that elevated my performance the most, and still helps me to this day, was the recovery and injury prevention methods. I knew the path I was heading towards would inevitably involve injuries but having been coached on what to do to prevent, or at least minimize, these injuries were huge. Additionally, the visualization process Lealem taught me helped immensely throughout my Army career and my life in general.

The coaching I received through Medalist Performance without a doubt contributed to me winning the 2019 US Army Soldier of the Year. Throughout the nearly year-long process of multiple competitions, the techniques I learned helped me show up to every event prepared. My train-ups in-between the different levels of competitions as well as the muscular recovery techniques I used in-between events during the competitions greatly contributed to my body feeling ready for whatever came next. Whether it was Reconnaissance & Surveillance Leadership Course (RSLC) or training up my soldiers, his coaching helped me through the rest of my Army career as well.

Another great aspect of Medalist Performance is the relationship built. It feels like Lealem genuinely cares and is invested in your success. He would periodically check-in on my progress/setbacks and offer advice. Overall, Medalist Performance completely changed my outlook on performance optimization. It is clear that Lealem is a specialist when it comes to maximizing human performance.