Kyce Darouiche

I worked with Medalist Performance for 12 months and am extremely satisfied with the results that I have seen. I am most impressed by the multidimensional training program that was catered to me. Being a college athlete, Medalist Performance significantly increased my speed, agility, strength, and endurance. Medalist Performance not only made me less prone to injuries but also taught me how to prevent or deal with future injuries. In addition, Medalist Performance gave me a personalized meal plan which took into account my goals, activity level, and schedule. Finally, I was also given techniques that help with visualization and mental preparation for competitions in efforts to further increase my focus on the field. This customized, multidimensional program would not have been successful without the accessibility that Medalist Performance provides. Through virtual, in person, and over-the-phone coaching, I was always able to access the resources that Medalist Performance provides whenever I truly needed it. The integrative approach that Medalist Performance provides significantly increased my performance on the field.