Dr. Margaret Martin

My daughter is a competitive gymnast who is now at a level where the physical and mental skills are getting more challenging… My daughter has had some episodes of acute onset muscle tightness that Lealem has been able to identify and eliminate quickly. In the past two competitions, my daughter has come in first place in the all-around for all of the events, and yet in the days before the meet, I was unsure her body would be healthy enough to even compete. If Lealem had not been able to address her acute tightness and muscle limitations so effectively she likely would not have competed, much less won her meets.

Not only does Lealem provide the injury recovery and prevention sessions effectively, he is proponent of trying to educate the athlete and parent about the scientific basis for his techniques; he is tremendously knowledgeable and generous with sharing that knowledge… As my daughter told me yesterday, “he’s able to tell me how to help myself.”

Lealem has significant passion for what he does which is perhaps why he is so knowledgeable. Beyond the muscular issues that have arisen with my daughter during this competitive season, so too has the need to address keeping her mind healthy. Lealem has offered up advice in this area as well…

I know a big component of my daughter’s gymnastics successes, thus far this year, are due to Lealem.