Dr. Natacha Chough

Lealem is outstanding. Full disclosure- we’ve been friends for years, prior to his starting Medalist Performance, but I set up a formal consult recently when I developed some musculoskeletal issues related to over-training. He quickly zoned in on the issue, and after just a few days of following his recommendations, my next training run felt effortless! No muscle fatigue, much better endurance, and my pace was not only objectively faster on each consecutive mile compared to prior runs this season–it’s the fastest I’ve run in YEARS (I’m early 40s, and am now back at my pace from my 20s).

Lealem is great about explaining the rationale & importance behind myofascial release, and why stretching only does so much (things physicians don’t get taught in med school). Even if you have any sort of background in the human physiology/biomechanics/healthcare realm, it’s always nice to have someone who can dust off your cobwebs or provide some really high-yield, evidence-based pearls to optimize your performance.

It’s also worth noting that he build this business from the ground up. Lealem is passionate about what he does, and it truly shows. Would absolutely send my friends & family to him!