Sami Darouiche

I began working with Medalist Performance roughly 40 days before leaving for Marine Corps Officer Candidates school. Lealem Mulugeta analyzed and diagnosed my deficiencies going into the program, and created a complete physical, nutrition, and recovery plan in order to maximize my success, and earn a commission as a Marine Corps Officer. Lealem has helped many tactical athletes, such as myself and other officers, prepare for the rigors of a military training and a continued career. Most importantly, he teaches the fundamentals of preserving your body during difficult training, and resolving unknown muscular distortions that may be hindering performance. My performance increased exponentially after just a short time with him, and my only complaint is that I did not start working with Medalist Performance sooner. I would highly recommend Medalist Performance for any tactical athlete looking to increase performance, purely based on the scientific expertise, attention to detail, and personalized care that was provided to me to ensure my success.