Silila Tucker

My name is Silila Tucker and I am a professional beach volleyball player on the AVP tour. I started working with Lealem at Medalist Performance 2022. I originally went to him because I had a shoulder injury that had been an issue for a few years and in one session it was gone forever. I had seen many other PT and chiropractors and nobody had gotten rid of the problem for good. It always came back. After that initial experience, I knew I had to learn more about the Medalist Performance program and what it could do for me. The attention to detail and accountability that Lealem holds you to is transforming. On the Medalist Performance programming, I felt the strongest, healthiest, all around best I’ve ever felt in my life. It allowed me to take my performance on the court to another level because I had taken the off the court Responsibilities up quite a few levels from an already very disciplined place. Medalist Performance is the best program for anyone aspiring to take their performance to new heights. Thank you for everything Lealem I really appreciate you!