Medalist Athlete™

Successful athletes invest extra time outside their regular training to prepare for the physical, psychological, and mental demands of their sport. However, if athletes do not implement supplemental training properly, they can over-train and cause injuries, reducing their athletic performance.

Medalist Performance™ developed the Medalist Athlete™ coaching curriculum by combining our extensive experience in competitive sports, athletic coaching, and NASA’s astronaut exercise research to offer customized training for elite athletes. We design athlete-specific conditioning programs aimed at unlocking each athlete’s true potential. Using scientifically-based methods, we help our clients excel by creating and implementing coaching programs tailored to their unique needs in:

  • Physiological performance development
  • Injury prevention and recovery
  • Anatomical and body composition attributes
  • Flexibility, mobility and biomechanical optimization
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Mental and cognitive performance coaching

The following video is a small sample of the kind of performance results the Medalist Athlete™ curriculum produces.

We also mentor young athletes in planning for their future professional and athletic career, as well as educating their parents on how to appropriately support their children to develop into well-rounded athletes.

To meet the varied needs of our global clients, we offer our curriculum in both virtual and remote coaching formats. This provides 24/7 access to your personalized coaching portal, where every aspect of your curriculum is managed and closely monitored. You will also maintain regular contact with your coach to ensure your program is continuously tailored to your evolving needs and to address any questions you may have.

In addition to the standard virtual and remote coaching formats, on-site support and workshops are available for teams and organizations seeking to benefit from the Medalist Performance system. For more information, please contact us at