Medalist Scholars™

Medalist Scholars™

As indicated in our slogan of Building Superhuman Performance™, Medalist Performance™ is intensely focused on cultivating excellence. It is in this spirit we established the Medalist Scholars™ program to recognize individuals who clearly demonstrate a drive to be the best of our society through their:

Athletic Drive

Although we seek to recognize athletic talent, this award is designed to further cultivate the deep passion and drive of athletes who consistently give their very best to their sport, team and coaches.

Intellectual and Professional Drive

No matter a person’s standing is in their athletic endeavors, we believe it is every person’s moral obligation to intellectually and professionally develop themselves. By laying a strong intellectual and professional foundation, athletes can pave a fruitful future for themselves and their loved ones.

Community Service and Leadership

If we are blessed with the passion, talent and drive to pursue our dreams, we can give back to society through community service, expressing our gratitude and displaying our leadership.

Strength of Character

Part of our mission is to help cultivate great leaders. Individuals such as Nelson Mandela, Malala Yousafzai, Albert Einstein, Magic Johnson, Serena Williams and Neil Armstrong are iconic leaders not only because of their professional accomplishments, but also because of their exceptional personal character and integrity. As such, we recognize athletes who conduct themselves with a level of character and integrity consistent with those iconic world leaders, earning the respect of their peers, superiors and subordinates